Dive Pirates, Adaptive SCUBA

Classified SCUBA

​Our passion for Scuba extends to offering this mainstream activity for individuals of all abilities. Phoenix Scuba is the only facility in Western New York to offer these programs with one of the largest trained adaptive instructor staffs in upstate New York.
​We not only train individuals with disabilities to become Scuba Divers, we gear travel programs and local trips so our Classified Divers can enjoy this adventure for a lifetime. Our adaptive divers have traveled with us to the Florida Keys, U.S. Virgin Islands and Cayman over the past 9 years.

​Those typically qualified for this program can include people who have: Spinal Injuries, Amputations, MS, MD, Diabetes, Sight and Hearing Loss.

​Phoenix SCUBA supports the Dive Pirates Foundation, Western New York Adaptive Water Sports, Disabled Sports USA, the Wounded Warrior Project and the Orthotic Prosthetic Athletics Foundation’s First Dive Program.

Call or stop in and find out more about our programs and prepare to enjoy the underwater world. 716-822-2816