The Phoenix Difference

Our mission is to share our passion for the underwater world in everything we do.


  • Provide our customers the Proper Knowledge, Proper Skills, Proper Equipment, and Proper Experience for our clients to Safely Enjoy the Sport of Scuba Diving as a Life-Long Activity.
  • Exceed our customer’s expectations through our commitment to Integrity and Quality in Everything that we endeavor to do.
  • Provide only quality life support and related equipment for sale and rental in our facility to support youth, adaptive, and family programs that help our clients build self-esteem and personal growth through our training programs and activities.
  • Promote the Personal and Professional Growth of our staff.


We support our community with a school, scout, and youth programs as well as charities such as Dive Pirates Foundation, WNY Adaptive Water Sports, Disabled Sports USA, the Wounded Warrior Project and the OPAF First Dive Program.


  • We treat our clients like family not a number.
  • We feature products “MADE IN AMERICA” whenever available.
  • We counsel our clients so they only make purchases that fit their needs.
  • Our “Dealer Prep” on equipment exceeds the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • We provide reduced pricing incentives for Veterans, AAA members, Boy Scout and Sea Scout programs and several other groups.


  • We tailor your training program to your schedule and needs.
  • We make sure you are confident and comfortable with your skills and knowledge in the pool BEFORE you go for your open water training dives.
  • We meet with you and thoroughly explain what the total cost of your training program is and what is included BEFORE you sign up. NO SURPRISES!
  • We are the ONLY diver training facility in Western New York that includes the training manual which is yours to keep as a reference along with a professional grade Dive Log.
  • We provide the use of ALL of the equipment you need for our Open Water diver Program.
  • We include the open water SCUBA Dives as a part of the program, not an extra.
  • We do more than just teach a class, we create comfortable confident divers
  • We believe you come to us to become a diver, to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world safely and have fun while you learn not just to take a class and buy equipment.
  • For specialty programs the cost of the training manual is included and yours to keep as a permanent reference.
  • Our SSI programs are ISO Certified World Wide.
  • We not only teach SCUBA we teach CPR, First Aid and the Divers Alert Network (DAN) safety programs.